Panamic boom pole (retracted) Panamic boom pole against Aston Martin DB5 Panamic boom pole closeup

Panamic - Hand crafted carbon fibre boom poles

Leaders in the sound industry, Panamic Boom Poles are elegantly hand crafted in the UK from the highest quality carbon fibre. They are extremely lightweight with superb balance and a wear resistant nylon web handle which provides additional comfort. The entire range, which includes 3, 4 & 5 section boom poles ranging from 0.73 to 5.00 metres, have silent operating nylon bushes, precision locking rings and titanium tips.

Panamic is seen by many in the film and TV industry as the best in their field and have been used by such luminaries as Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick in their productions. A sound pedigree which extends back to 1972 when award winning sound recordist Colin Charles began manufacturing in Watford. Canford acquired Panamic in 2007 which sees manufacturing move to Canford's Portland plant, along with key manufacturing personnel.

Today, Panamic Boom Poles are distributed around the globe by a network of dealers to all the hotbeds of film and TV production from Bollywood to Hollywood.

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