Side viewPanamic boom pole

PANAMIC MINI BOOM 4 section, 0.73 – 2.25 metres

Silent Operating

Panamic boom poles have silent and smooth-operating nylon bushes, precision, knurled locking-rings (‘thimbles’) and a resilient rubber foot. All components are hand- crafted and replaceable.

Strong & Lightweight

Poles are hand-crafted in the UK from the highest quality carbon fibre. This reduces bend and ensures precision positioning. They are extremely strong and lightweight with superb balance.

Reliable & Durable

Boom operators can work without worry of sticking or binding. The design provides great resistance from dirt ingress which prevents jamming.
All components can be replaced by the user.

Our Story

Regarded as the leading microphone boompoles by both the film and TV industries, they have been used by such luminaries as Steven Spielberg and the late Stanley Kubrick in their productions.
Panamic was founded in 1972 by award winning sound recordist Colin Charles.
The business was acquired by Canford in 2007 and the poles continue to be hand crafted in the UK, using the the same skilled personnel now based at Canford’s plant in Portland, Dorset. Panamic Boom Poles are distributed worldwide by Canford and a network of dealers to the centres of film and TV production, from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Why Panamic?

Leaders in the sound industry, Panamic Boom Poles are elegantly hand crafted in the UK from the highest quality carbon fibre. They are extremely lightweight, with superb balance and a wear-resistant nylon-web handle which provides additional comfort. Available in mini, midi or maxi sizes, which includes three, four and five section poles ranging from 0.73 to 5.00 metres in length.

 Client Testimonials

I have only owned one boom pole in my entire 30-year career; a 3-section Panamic mini. That is a testament to how good Panamic boom poles are. I have used it in all conditions, from minus 50C Siberian winters to 45C Saharan summers. It’s also accompanied me 50 metres up into the Amazonian rainforest canopy and 500 metres underground in New Mexico’s Lechuguilla caves, as well as into the highly corrosive atmosphere of Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen sulphur mines, and it has never let me down.Documentary Sound Recordist: Mark Roberts

I trained as a boom operator on Panamic poles at the National Film and Television School. All the kit that is used on student productions there (at least in 2004/05) was formerly in use on professional industry productions. Panamic booms were held up to us as the boom pole to choose. It is a big investment, but so is all professional level audio equipment. I would not hesitate to recommend Panamic as a top choice for anyone looking to purchase a pole. You simply can’t go wrong with them.Career Boom Operator: Jo Andrews

To be honest I love them, Panamic Boom Poles never let me down. Their locking rings are definitely the best on market nowadays.
Panamic booms can handle the unavoidable rough treatment of documentary filming. They are like army tools. You can feel it when you hold them in your hand.
I am looking forward to working with them every day. Sound Recordist and Sound Designer: Michal Deliopulos

I bought myself a carbon fiber Panamic four section mini, three section middi, three section maxi and four section maxi. These have lasted me eighteen years and with careful cleaning and maintenance will continue to do so. I have only had one instance when we have had to replace a section, which was a very simple process Production Sound Mixer: Jonathan Wyatt

Panamic Boom Pole – Spec

Stock code Style Number of sections Minimum length Maximum length Tip Weight
    (incl. handle)        
53-5813 Distancing 2 1.13m 2.05m Detachable 460g
53-5801 Mini 3 0.73m 1.83m Detachable 420g
53-5802 Mini 4 0.73m 2.25m Fixed 440g
53-5803 Mini 4 0.73m 2.29m Detachable 450g
53-5804 Mini 5 0.48m 1.45m Fixed 370g
53-5805 Mini 5 0.56m 1.79m Fixed 440g
53-5806 Mini 5 0.80m 3.00m Fixed 580g
53-5807 Mini 5 1.00m 4.00m Fixed 690g
53-5809 Midi 3 1.24m 3.24m Detachable 760g
53-5810 Midi 4 1.24m 4.06m Detachable 970g
53-5811 Maxi 3 1.50m 4.06m Detachable 870g
53-5812 Maxi 4 1.50m 5.00m Detachable 1120g