Panamic Boom pole – Product Overview Video

Regarded as the leading microphone boom poles by both the film and TV industries, they have been used by such luminaries as Steven Spielberg and the late Stanley Kubrick in their productions.

Founded in 1972 by leading Sound Recordist, Colin Charles. The first Panamic boom pole’s were Aluminium before the current Carbon Fibre design.

The Panamic range was acquired by Canford in 2007 and continues to be hand crafted in the UK, using the highest quality carbon fibre, the same skilled personnel now at Canford’s plant in Portland, Dorset. Panamic Boom Poles are distributed worldwide by a network of dealers to the centres of film and TV production, from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Panamic Boom Poles are lightweight, durable and accurate. The carbon fibre is a special weave which controls bend and rebound. Carbon fibre handle sections are covered with an extremely durable nylon web. This gives a textured finish and extends the life of the boom. Each section of a Panamic Boom contains a unique Adjustable End Stop. These can be quickly adjusted in the field to maintain tight, rattle free joints as the nylon components wear. All components of a Panamic Boom Pole are readily available. Panamic Tips are Titanium – strong and corrosion resistant.