Poles Apart

Panamic Boom Poles are made from the highest quality carbon fibre making them extremely lightweight with superb balance. Panamic Booms incorporate wear resistant nylon web handles and unique adjustable end stops which guarantee silent operation and significantly extend the working life of the boom.
Panamic carbon-fibre boom poles are designed so that, in the event of damage, all components can be replaced by the user.

Panamic Boom Pole – Product Overview Video
Adjustable End Stops

Each section of the Panamic houses an Adjustable End Stop. Enabling quick adjustment, the End Stop keeps each section tight and eliminates the risk of rattle noise from loose sections.

Nylon Bushes & Precision Locking Rings

Silent operating Nylon Bushes & Precision Locking Rings help prevent jamming, sticking or binding and provide great resistance from dirt ingress Panamic Locking Rings are also easily serviced.

Titanium Tip

Tough corrosion resistant Titanium Tip is approximately 1/3rd of the weight of an equivalent Stainless Steel Tip. When using your Panamic Boom Pole, the reduced weight of the tip enables greater accuracy and reduces bend. Titanium is also extremely strong and durable, ensuring longer life of the tip.

Carbon Fibre Construction

Strong, lightweight Carbon Fibre construction reduces bend and ensures precision positioning

Nylon Web Handle with Rubberised End Cap

Durable and wear resistant Nylon Web Handle with Rubber End Cap which has been designed to ensure a comfortable grip and protect the pole against knocks and bangs.

Panamic features